With the increasing popularity of online marketing, a business may wonder if there is still value in print advertising. The reality is that print ads are never going away. There will always be a need for consumer signage, despite the exposure of online advertising.

Online advertising can be an expensive way to promote a brand. The cost of paid search advertising and social media ads are continually rising, with many businesses not seeing any return-on-investment in the online space.

What we’ve found is that most online advertisements pale in comparison to print ads and signage when it comes to capturing audience attention, especially when you consider the ongoing costs involved in digital.

Print ads still provide that classic and personalized appeal to consumers who are willing to pay more attention to adverts that they can see and feel in person –

Signwriting is one of the traditional ways a business can utilise to increase their brand’s consumer awareness. Signwriting is an art as well as science.

Expert signwriters will be able to produce signage with high quality design and materials. This type of advertising is a branding tool to introduce your business to those who are not familiar yet and create a consistent theme of trust and loyalty to your existing clientele.

When looking for a signwriter, ensure you work with someone with years of experience and a passion for graphic design. Another factor that can be considered is a signwriting service that can accommodate not only print ads but also traditional signage approaches such as lettering by hand and other manual ways to create a branding that consumers can relate to.

A good business considers signages as part of branding. Even if your business is heavy on online marketing, you can integrate online marketing efforts to traditional approaches.

To find what works for your business it is always good to consider “How Can I Best Convey the Right Message to My Potential Customers?” Oxley Graphics is the right answer.

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