About Us

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Oxley Graphics was founded in 1963 with a vision of providing aesthetically pleasing and intelligent graphic designs for personal and commercial use.

Greg’s interest in car racing and his talent in the graphic arts allowed him to create highly effective prints that looked great on cars, boats and motorcycles. This did not limit him, however, as he also started catering to other business sectors. In the first few years, he earned a loyal client base who made his signwriting services well-known by word of mouth.

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As the rest of the family are also artists and signwriters, they also contribute to Oxley Graphic’s collective experience of more than 100 hundred years when it comes to graphic design and signwriting.

This commitment to quality and passion in visual arts drives Oxley Graphics to sincerely extend our expertise that will help businesses – from small to large scale enterprises – to create an identity unique to their brands.

We design your logos, print ads, labels, stickers, decals, and more backed with comprehensive research and decades of hands-on experience. We understand who you are as a business and who your customers are. This effective combination makes our clientele happy as a result of successful campaigns.

For each design and signage that we commit to, Oxley Graphics is dedicated to ensuring that we capture your brand’s character and vision.

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